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Generating printable QR-coded story cards using Google docs

Photo by jbeau
Photo by jbeau

I’m playing around with the idea of creating an interactive storyboard for agile development, and one of the requirements that came up is the ability to easily track the physical cards in an electronic system. To that end I figured the easiest way would be to print out barcoded story cards.

Some quick Googling showed that this is not a unique problem – there are many solutions for Excel and Google docs. I actually use openoffice, and after a bit of fiddling, it looked like too much effort to get the Excel macros working in Openoffice, so I figured I’d go for Google Docs.

I found one Docs spreadsheet that did most of what I wanted (Dude, Where’s My Index Cards?), so I adapted it.

My main issues with the original was:

  • I want to print 4 story cards per A4 page, not two.
  • I need to automatically generate a scannable code for each card.
  • I want to customise the layout.

This is what the original doc produced (Click to see a bigger version):

Original Story Card Generator Result

And this is what my modified version produces (Click to see a bigger version):

New Story Card Generator Result

There wasn’t really anything particularly interesting or difficult in here. If you are interested in how I generate the QR codes, have a look at this page.

You can see my modified spreadsheet here: