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Time for polyphasic sleep again

I’ve decided that it’s time to live up to the tagline on this blog and go back to polyphasic sleep again. For the unenlightened, Polyphasic sleep is a different sleep cycle where you sleep for several short periods over the course of 24 hours, not just in one big chunk during the night.

There’s several different polyphasic sleep patterns where the most hardcore one allows you to sleep only 2 hours a night – This one needs you to have a 20 minute nap every 4 hours and is very inflexible. You can read more about polyphasic sleep on my previous blog post:

For this attempt, I’ll tag all the posts with the tag Polyphasic sleep 2.0 to make the posts easy to find without wading through the previous posts, and I’ll do an index post again.

I’ll also cover some other information about Polyphasic sleep in some extra blog posts:

From my analytics, I see that people are finding my site when searching for:

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So let me address these as best I can.

Polyphasic headache

From my personal experience, the last time I switched to polyphasic sleep, I got a splitting headache that lasted for about 3 days. At first I thought it was the sleep deprivation, but from subsequent experiments, I can now say that it was actually caffeine deprivation.

A lack of caffeine is supposed to make adapting easier, so I went cold-turkey and I have now replicated that a couple of time. My caffeine withdrawal lasts about 3 days and consists of mainly a headache. Keep in mind that while 2-5 days is average, some people will have that headache for 2-3 weeks – I don’t envy them.

Puredoxyk and Ubersleep

Puredoxyk was the person that put polyphasic sleep in the limelight (as much as it is at any rate). While there’s claims about tons of famous people saying that they slept polyphasically, most of them actually sounds more like freerunning sleep (you basically sleep when you tired until you wake up with no fixed schedule) or biphasic sleep (sleep at night with a long nap in the afternoon).

Even the researcher who is credited with discovering polyphasic sleep seems to have come up with the idea, but never actually managed to implement it properly. Puredoxyk is the first person I know of that sucessfully used polyphasic sleep. She first used the uberman schedule (20 minute naps every 4 hours), but later switched to everyman which is more forgiving (it has a core sleep period of 1.5, 3 or 4.5 hours with an extra 2-5 naps during the day).

She’s written a book called “Ubersleep” which should be recommended reading for anybody that wants to try polyphasic sleep. I review it here:

Zeo polyphasic sleep

Watch for a blog post about this soon. I’ll probably write some custom software for this too, as I find the existing options too limited.